‘TRCC B Company’ Honey Popcorn


'B' Company honey-coated popcorn is the perfect little sweet treat to satisfy all your cravings. The combination of salty and sweet will leave you coming back for more. Hand made in Australian from local ingredients, we are sure this yummy product will delight. 

Expeditionary Force 'B" Company troops affectionately referred to as 'The Honey Bees' proudly reckon they earned their name from their ability to swarm the enemy, sting them hard and get away quick. Other say they got the name during what became known as the "Battle of the Bees". Whatever the origin of their moniker, their cook was a great advocate of the medicinal benefits of honey for the men in the Mess. He always had a ready supply and his honey coated popcorn was a particular treat produced on special occasions.


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