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Basketcase Gourmet - Smokey Bourbon BBQ Sauce OR Firestarter Hot Sauce (please make your selection above, Grilled Meat Glaze, Campfire Rub

Grilled Meat Glaze - Use as a marinade for meat or fish. Baste over barbecue or rotisserie meat. Use as a condiment for cooked meats or as a drizzle when plating. Use as a glazing sauce for chicken wings and ribs. May be used as a stir fry sauce . Toss over pumpkin or sweet potato wedges and bake until golden and soft. Gluten Free 250ml

Smokey Bourbon BBQ Sauce - A deliciously rich and tangy gluten free barbecue sauce , with a hint of bourbon and a touch of woodsmoke  will go with anything that has graced your BBQ or smoker.

Use it as a marinade and oven bake,  or use as a basting sauce for ribs towards the end of a long slow cook ...simply glaze for the last 30 minutes of cooking time to produce a glossy and sticky glaze. Any chop or sausage will be grateful to be paired with this one! Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly . 250ml

OR Firestarter Hot Sauce - Another sugar and onion free hot chilli sauce. This time we have turned up the volume and increased the burn. We combine seven different chillies in this sauce. which includes Ghost chilli and Carolina Reaper. Flavour and heat cannot be beat ! Gluten Free and Vegan friendly. 250ml

Campfire BBQ RubOur smoky BBQ rub is amazing on any meats, chicken or fish, Even vegetables benefit from a quick dust … try it on sweet potato wedges,  or even stir through a can of baked beans for a BBQ twist. For a great footy snack sprinkle it over some chicken wings before roasting in the oven, and serve with our Fireball hot sauce for dipping....

Davis and Waddell - Dad BBQ Tool with beer opener 

Land and Sea Brewery - 2 x craft beers

Big Wig Jerky - Beef Jerky

Bigwig Jerky Co. uses 100% Australian beef to produce quality, full flavoured jerky perfect for a healthy snack alternative. 


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