‘The Affirmation Company’ 100 Days of Manifestation Magic Journal

Our 100 Days Of journals have been designed to challenge you to use them every day, for 100 days, to create a habit and make positive changes in your life. The best part, it only takes 5 minutes a day! 100 Days of Manifestation Magic This journal has been designed to help you attract your desires faster and focus on what's important when it comes to manifestation - how having this desire will make you feel. By spending time putting yourself in the space and feeling of having the thing it is that you want, you start to become a vibrational match for that thing. It puts into play the law of assumption and the law of attraction, without overcomplicating it. This journal includes space for: Stating your desire How you will feel once you have it Setting small goals to achieve this Overcoming limiting beliefs as to why you can't have or don't deserve this desire Affirmations to help shift your mindset & attract your desires faster

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