‘Lang’s Gourmet’ Remarkable Relishes Box


3 delicious relishes, perfect to give to that special someone who loves to entertain and always adores a cheese platter and wine!

Balsamic Onion Relish:

Water, Balsamic Vinegar (18%), Red Onions (30%), Garlic, Raw Sugar, Natural Gelling Agent (Fruit Pectin, Natural Food Acid (Citric)

Roast Capsicum Relish:

Water, Red Capsicum (50%), Vinegar, Garlic, Paprika, Natural Thickener (Corn Starch), Lemon Juice, Moroccan Seasoning, Natural Food Acid (Citric)

Mango Ginger Chutney:

Water, Vinegar, Mango (25%), Garlic, Ginger (1%), Sugar, Spices, Salt, Ginger Pieces, (Ginger, Salt, Sugar) (5%), Natural Gelling Agent (Fruit Pectin), Natural Food Acid (Citric)

Gluten Free

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