'Stone & Wood' Pacific Ale

If there’s one beer in Australia that’s managed to capture the spirit of where it’s brewed, it’s the Pacific Ale from Stone & Wood. The beer is brewed in Byron Bay, a little piece of paradise on the NSW Pacific Coast that’s blessed with sun, sand, surf and a laid-back vibe. When Brad Rogers, Jamie Cook and Ross Jurisich left careers with one of Australia’s largest brewers to start a craft brewery there, the environment proved the catalyst for the creation of a modern Aussie classic.

Using all-Australian ingredients, the Pacific Ale packs a huge aroma of passionfruit and citrus while remaining crisp, light and full of flavour - just the kind of thing you might want to throw down after a hard day amongst the waves. This is a freakishly enjoyable beer that couldn’t be more perfect for summer days.

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