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Write down 5 things that you are grateful for every day. One good feeling increases more good feeling. I am grateful for waking up this morning. I am grateful for the sunshine on my face. Focus on what you have, not what you don’t have. You have to physically write them down because there is power in the words.

Why Keep a Gratitude Journal

Keeping a gratitude journal can have so many great benefits. It can also be profoundly life changing. By focusing on what you do have with positivity you over time become a more positive person. The act of looking for the good in everyday and all the things to be grateful for takes you further away from focusing on any negativity. Create a grateful mindset by setting up the habit of writing your gratitudes daily and observe how to changes your outlook, mood, perspective and motivation.

Keeping a gratitude journal has also proven to improve self-esteem, sleep better, reduces stress, has a calming effect, increases positive mood and happiness, and increases resilience.

This journal will be a treasure to read back and reflect on your entries. You can also pass down to loved ones, full of your life lessons to be retold

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