'Bird in Hand' Wine Range



Bird in Hand maintains a high standard of environmental practices across our business. We feel that we should be making every effort to look after our clean, green Adelaide Hills and have recently eliminated all synthetic pesticides and fungicides from the estate vineyards and gardens. We actively encourage biodiversity with the aim to bring back native grasses undervine and a healthy population of good insects.

Starting in the vineyard and extending through to our winemaking processes, our restaurant and kitchen garden, right through to our waste management practices, we continue to invest in innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact for future generations.

Bird in Hand Wines are committed to the ongoing education of our team on the environmental impacts of winemaking and through this endeavour to maintain the pristine region that we are so fortunate to be situated.

The Bird in Hand sustainability initiatives that are currently in place include:


  • Synthetic chemical-free (herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and insecticides)
  • German-built Clemens undervine mower imported and commissioned in 2019
  • All inputs (incl. fertilisers) are from organic sources
  • Drip irrigation system upgraded in 2017
  • Mulching in higher parts of the block to reduce water usage


  • 110 kW solar system installed in 2016
  • All winery wastewater collected and treated then reused onsite
  • All plastic, cardboard, paper, caps, glass and scrap metal recycled
  • All organic solid residues such as grape marc are recycled and sent to facilities to create products such as spirit, tannins and tartrates


  • Chemical-free
  • All organic matter and food / green waste composted and reused onsite
  • All inputs are from organic sources

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