‘BohoKind’ Dried Flower Wand with Rose Aura Crystal


These gorgeous on trend handmade flower wands with rose aura crystal will be a perfect additional to your gifting experience. Rose Aura is a rose quartz crystal that has been bonded with precious metals like platinum, gold, and silver which gives it an iridescent glow. This divine crystal brings a gentle loving energy and helps stimulates the heart chakra to release worries and bring on Self Love and confidence. The flower wands are not designed for burning or smudging but to be kept in area of your home or office space. Your flower wand comes with a cute unbranded blue aura crystal meaning card and is made out of dried lavender so they smell amazing too!

Flower Wand:
Small: H 18cm x 9-10cm x 2-2.5cm W stem thickness
Rose Aura Point Crystal:
H 4-7cm x 1.5-2cm W
Wrapped in organic cotton string twin bow unbranded to make them your own.
Made with dried lavender, various dried bush flowers and foliage with ethically sourced angel aura crystal. 

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