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Looking for a gift that spoils (and helps) mum AND celebrates bub’s upcoming arrival? This box it is! Perfect for gender-neutral or boys and girls alike, we adore the minimalist natural touch.  


Dove and Dovelet // Gypsy Fringed Organic Cotton Muslin Blanket

The perfect weight blanket for autumn. 6 layers of loose cotton muslin quilted simply providing soft cosy insulation for your baby. Edged at opposite ends with natural cotton fringe trim  

Measuring over 100cm square and is natural off white in colour. 

Super absorbant this swaddle also works great as a towel. 

Please note the nature of muslin is wrinkly and may shrink slightly after wash. 

Dove and Dovelet // Baby Rattan Hanger

Gilly Goat // Calm Baby Oil Bath Milk

A magical bath milk made with pure calming oils. When added into the bath it transforms the water into a soft, nourishing milk.  Gilly Goat Calm Baby Oil Bath Milk is rich in vitamins A, Vitamin E, Chamomile and Lavender that deeply moisturises and calms your baby.


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